About ourselves

The ICH Study Center is the private research center of the ICH Infectious Diseases Center Hamburg (Scientific Director: Prof. Dr. Hans-Jürgen Stellbrink); it is a trial site in many clinical studies conducted in the field of infectious diseases, especially HIV infection and hepatitis B or C infection. The ICH Study Center (formerly IPM Study Center) has a long-standing reputation in the field. Recruitment of patients for clinical studies is based on treatment of a large number of outpatients with infectious diseases by infectious disease specialists, including approximately 2000 patients with HIV infection. The Center takes part in several national and international cohort studies and collaborations such as EuroSIDA, the competence network HIV/AIDS, and the ClinSurv cohort of the Robert Koch Institute. Several additional scientific projects on diagnostics and treatment of infectious diseases are being followed in collaboration with other academic and non-academic institutions.